Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dia De Los Muertos

So my friend Sam from Firecracker Studio asked me to show in his day of the dead show at a nice little place downtown. I put together this guy sort of last minute. Sadly, there is a ton of detail in the painting which is completely lost in the light, but use your imagination and trust me, it's really scary. Like, it'll keep you up at night. Way more scary than those crappy Saw movies, but not as scary as the original exorcist. Well, maybe not that scary, but it was neat enough to sell the night of the opening.
Graffiti skull with a billion (at least) holes drilled in it, back lit with 15 mm clear red and 15mm 6500 snow white, juiced by a tnt 9000/30. Top-o-the-line stuff :).

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Gwen Fagan said...

Tom, this is badass! Your best work is your own!